Dear Human Resources;

 •  Experience :   With over 30 years of practical business development,
  management experience, in the Travel, Tourism, Hospitality industry :

 •  As a project manager for an international airline, was responsible for
  opening 100 agencies around the world :
  Achieving a $250 million increase in revenue,
  with a decrease in distribution cost of $15 million

 •  Increase sales and revenue of each sales consultant, educated staff in value added
  selling techniques  •  Negotiated with key suppliers, increased advertising exposure
Achieved a 25 % increase in sales,
  15 % increase in revenue and a 10 % increase in exposure

 •  As a professor at Humber College, was responsible for educating over 1,500
in the systems, procedures of the Travel, Tourism, Hospitality industry

 •  Sold services and products of charter airline only, directly to the customer.
As a member of a 9 person team,
  contributed to the sale of one plane per month (249 seats)
Contributed 20% to sales of $1 million per month, with no discounts

 •  Promoted ONTARIO for the Ministry of Tourism and OTMP partners
As a member of a 12 person team, over my 10 hour shift,
fulfilled 9.5% of the 20,000 calls per month.

 •  Possess strong analytical and technical skills,
  proficiency with MS-Office, OpenOffice, work analysis, metrics, CRM,
  content management software.

 •  Has the knowledge required to obtain grant funds from
  City / Provincial / State / Federal sources, for
projects related to tourism, in Canada and the United States :
 •  Promotion of Tourism to Canada, for citizens of the United States,
   funded by Canadian stakeholders.
 •  Promotion of Tourism to United States, for citizens of Canada,
   funded by United States stakeholders.

  • Skills
    • Exceptional listener and communicator
        who effectively conveys information verbally and in writing.
    • Highly analytical thinking
        with demonstrated talent for identifying, scrutinizing, improving, and streamlining
        complex work processes.
    • Flexible team player
        who thrives in environments requiring ability to effectively prioritize and juggle
        multiple concurrent projects.
    • Proven relationship-builder
        with unsurpassed interpersonal skills.
    • Goal-driven leader
        who maintains a productive climate and confidently motivates, mobilizes, and coaches employees
        to meet high performance standards.
    • Innovative problem-solver
        who can generate workable solutions.
    • Resourceful team player
        who excels at building trusting relationships with customers and colleagues.
    • Seasoned professional whose honesty and integrity
        provide for effective leadership and optimal business relationships.
    • Productive worker
        with solid work ethic who exerts optimal effort in successfully completing tasks.
    • Loyal and dedicated manager
        with an excellent work record.
    • Conscientious go-getter
        who is highly organized, dedicated, and committed to professionalism.
    • Highly motivated self-starter
        who takes initiative with minimal supervision.

I am eager to contribute to the profitability of your enterprise. To contact me, please feel free to use the contact information link. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours trully,

JeanPaul Barrette

507 - 1290 Rathburn Road West, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5C-4E4